Brooklyn Norwegian Syttende Mai Parade

Troll (1)
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The troll made an appearance at the Brooklyn Norwegian Syttende Mai parade!

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Wow, How awesome was that! How big was this parade? I used to live in Brooklyn! In a little area called Canarsie. Did you just join in? Was Todd marching too?

The parade wasn’t as big as it used to be. Maybe 100 people in all. I recall a biking ship on a flatbed when I was younger but there was nothing like that now. Bay Ridge used to be filled with Scandinavians but now it is quite a mix of ethnicities. Todd walked alongside and took pictures. I went to the smallest group on SoN marchers and just asked if I could join. I told them I was in the parade as a little boy. They laughed and said get in the back. After the parade, people kept coming to me asking if they could get pictures with the troll. It was quite fun. I high-fived the kids along the parade route and blew kisses to the little old ladies.

I use to be in every parade, our church Trinity Lutheran, when I was real little had all the small kids walk in the parade in what looked like a Lattice made out of cloth so the kids couldn’t wander away. When I was older we use to go in the parade with our volunteer ambulance from Staten Island. I miss going to the parade.

Roy and Ron, is there one parade in NY city? Not one in Brooklyn and one in Staten Island? So Roy did you attend in Brooklyn too as a child?

I bet thise old ladies loved getting kisses from a troll!

Yes I did, to the best of my knowledge there is no parade on Staten Island.