F3 Coming to Energy, IL with Special Event This Saturday 6AM

Many of you are aware that I participate in a men’s workout group. It’s called F3 which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Really, it’s more than just a workout group, its mission is to help men be better leaders at home and in their community. It’s open to all adult males of all fitness abilities, we have men ages 20-70 active in our area. Anyways, I’m sharing this because we’re starting a group down in Energy, IL which is in many of your neck of the woods. If you or someone you know is an adult male who might benefit from improving their fitness as well as having the support of other men both in the goal of improving fitness but also in life’s struggles, then please let them know about F3. We’re having a special workout this Saturday, May 6th, at 6AM at Energy Park, Energy, IL. I’ll be there as well as quite a few other guys from all over Southern Illinois in addition to the regulars that meet at Energy Park.

They can just show up or they can reach out:
(618) 420-3208

All they need are clothing and shoes appropriate to workout outdoors (rain or shine).

Here’s a news broadcast that has some footage of a workout down in Texas,