Stoughton Kubb Invitational (tomorrow/Saturday 9AM)

Darlene Arneson shared in her Friendly Fifth Newsletter,

We are excited to have 22 teams registered for the Stoughton Kubb Invitational tomorrow! Teams can still register online or at the event! You are welcome to come and watch if you don’t want to play! Play starts at 9 am and goes all day.

What a joy! This would be a fun day!
Nathan, will you and the family be coming in August to the Balloon Fest? I’m trying to get my hands on the full weekend schedule. We don’t have extra beds but if you are campers, we have a big yard.

Oops, I thought they were going to live stream it or something.

We intend on coming in August! If we get lucky with the weather I might take you up on the camping offer, thanks!

We can look at a little closer to the date. Stay cool! J